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EPG Event Rules
  1. Competitions start and end at the announced time. When the clock hits the ending time, the foremost pony in the line will have the last run.
  2. In case of a considerable delay (e.g. due to problems with the course or the sim) the host can decide to extend the event. In such a case the host will clearly communicate the duration of extend and the new finish time. Of course for the changed end time the same rules apply as for a regular ending.
  3. To ensure a timely start the pony's (and spectators) are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the announced start time.
Start of competition

  1. Practicing will end 5 minutes before the announced start time. For practicing pony's there will be a separate practicing line (colored in dark gray). Pony's who prefere to do some runs for practicing shortly before the event starts have to consider they will have to start the competition most likely in the back of the regular line (due to the already lined up pony's)
  2. Pony's can join the regular line as soon they arrive and await the start of the competition there. First come, first serve. Please be fair, we don't tolerate dispute about the start position.

Sim closing (not valid for 24h events)
  1. The sim will be closed for TP's 5 minutes before the announced start time. Again, pony's and spectators are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the announced start time. It's really annoying if the competition has steadily to be paused for latecomers during the first 10 minutes.
  2. Requests for TP's after the sim has been closed have to be addressed to the host by IM. The host is always mentioned in the event advertising on the SLPonyPlay site.
  1. The number of runs a pony get may depend on the time of arrival and the position in the line at event start. Latecomers usually will have less runs, even a run is not guaranteed.
  2. Changing position in the line is strictly not allowed (no matter if to the advantage or disadvantage of any pony). Newly arrived pony's always join the line at the end. Pony's who have to be AFK for a while are encouraged to leave the line and join at the end afterwards.
  3. Pony's are requested not to delay the flow of the event. E.g. there is no need to jump up and down or running back and forth for half a minute before starting the run.
  4. Pony's are requested not to go AFK if in a front position in the line.
Behavior and tack

  1. The standard pony behavior always applies, ponies should be kind, attentive and obey the trainers, handlers and of course the event host.
  2. Pony's have to visibly appear as such, that means head harness with a bit, hoofs and tail are a minimum requirement to participate.
  3. Pony's or spectators are strongly requested not to attach or detach (including locking and unlocking) any stuff during event, and in no case during a pony's run. This of course also applies to change clothing.
  1. Using modified AOs or other methods for purpose of gaining competitive advantage may result in being disqualified and banned.
  2. Using quickjump (what is the same as disabling the pre-jump animation) is considered as cheating.
Script-/Memory Usage (also there are some unteachable idiots who think scripts don't matter - they do)

  • Please detach all scripted attachments you really don't need during the event before you TP to the sim (this means at least almost every hud, or do you really need an online tracker during event?).
  • Why not delete the 200 resize scripts (using 6MB of memory) in your hair after it has the correct size?
  • Pony's and also spectators are heavily encouraged to prepare a low script tack or low script outfit to wear at pony competitions (like pony cup events).
  • We reserve the right to introduce script and memory usage limits. Then avatars who exceed those limits will be kicked of the sim automatically. If this happens during event  because you felt the need for adding some scripted stuff you will be banned from the sim for at least 3 months.

  • Complaints, protests, suggestions have to be addressed to the event host by written notecard.


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