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Pony Competitions

In general pony competitions are events where ponys compete with other ponys.

  • There is alway a ranking list
  • The winning pony will be on rank #1, followed by the pony with the second best result on rank #2, and so on ...
  • If it's a 'Cup Event' the first 10 ponys will collect 'cup points', 1st rank counts 10 cup points, 2nd counts 9 ..... and 10th counts 1 point
  • If it's a 'Cup Event' all ponys with a rank of 11 and below will get an 'Apple'. So there is an alternate ranking called 'Apple Ranking'
  • Nowadays points for rankings between 10 and 1 will also be awarded at private events, mostly if there are a series of event, e.g. an event series called 'Pony League'
  • Pony competitions usually are 'single player' events, except of Pony Polo where 2 players build a team

Pony competitions will be held in any of the classic pony disciplines.

  • Steeple Chase
  • Carting
  • Slalom (includes Gate Slalom)
  • Barrel
  • Pony Polo (Team Game)

Usually the goal of the participating ponies is to reach a good result. Of course the individual goals can vary

  • An experienced and skilled pony may have only the one goal - to win the competition
  • A yet less experienced and skilled pony may have the goal - not to be the last one
  • As ponys improve and are going to be better and better they may have the goal - to reach top 10 or even top 5

  • But in any case the main goal should be to have fun and to socialize with other ponys


  • Pony competitions or events are managed by the 'Event Host'
  • The event host's instructions and announced rules have to be followed in any case
  • The event host's decisions are valid
  • If it's a cup event and from some reasons a pony does not agree with the result or the way the event has been performed the pony is able to protest (there is a jury which protests can be addressed to)


  • Different stables may have different rules regarding to the execution of events
  • Cup Events have to follow the rules of the executing stable, but in any case also the rules stated on the 'SLPonyPlay' site in regards to 'Cup Events'

Event Classification

Pony Play Cup (PPC)   

The yearly performed Pony Play Cup is a serie of events in the disciplines Steeple, Carting, Slalom and Barell. The single events will take place at several stables. Every stable is encouraged to conduct PPC events. There is a set of rules regarding the PPC.

Pony Play Cup events are specially marked at the SLPonyPlay Event site with a symbol of a cup.

The winning pony of the Pony Play Cup, and also the ponys on second and third place will get a trophy. The trophies and the ribbons for the best six ponys will be handed over at a special Pony Play Cup Ceremony.

From the author's point of view the Pony Play Cup is the King or the Queen of all event series. A PPC event is something special. So many ponys try to attend every cup event, even it's performed in the middle of the night at the ponys local time.

As the PPC events are mostly 2-hour events these events are fair in the opinion that the participating ponys have the same conditions in regards to sim performance. Of course - as usual - a pony is hit by a lag spike, the other pony may be more lucky with lag. But compared to 24h events all the ponys have almost the same conditions.

SL Polo League  

The SL Polo League organises and coordinates competitive polo events for teams.

Teams are organized by their affiliated stable. Matches are played  with two ponies per team, but teams may substitute ponies between  matches.

So far 6 season have been played, each in an Upper Division and a Lower Divison. The Lower Divison allowes new or yet less skilled ponies to join and to have fun and not to be overrolled by more experienced team (it doesn't mean fun to everybody to loose a game with a result of 0:18).

As far as I know the past season have been planned and organized by Katinka Teardrop, maybe supported by volunteer.

Here you can find some Pony Polo impression.

Pony League  

The Pony League is a series of 24h pony competition - organized and hosted by Ralna Payne.

The Pony League is conducted yearly with a number of 52 events. The individual events ar hosted at different stables. The events are evenly spread to the disciplines Steeple, Cart, Slalom and Barrel.

Private Events

Private events are events performed by a specific stable or a specific host in the own name. So the rules for private events are defined by the performing stable or host. Private events can be single events but also event series.  

In regards of event duration we distinguish between short duration events - which mostly last 2 hours - and 24 hours events - which become more and more popular.

Of course every type has it's advantages and disadvantages over the other types.

Short duration events (2h)
  • Almost the same performance conditions for all participating ponys (of course lag spikes are noticed individually, but lag may even out with several runs)
  • Possibility to meet other ponys and to socialize
  • Cheating made difficult as host, ponys and spectators are watching the runs

  • Not all ponys are able to attend due to the different time zones (it may be in the middle of the night or the pony has to work in RL at the time the event takes place)

24h events
  • More ponys are able to attend as every interested pony should be able to find a time slot to perform some runs within a 24 hours period.

  • Not all ponys have the same conditions during there runs, so 24h events are by far not as fair as 2h events
    • Depending on the time zone some ponys will find great conditions with an empty sim and no lag
    • Other ponys have to perform their runs when the sim is crowded and heavy lag spikes occures
    • As many 24h events nowadays are restricted by the number of allowed runs ponys who are not working in RL (e.g. due to retirement or whatever) can check the conditions and only perform runs if the sim conditions are great. Or they can perform the runs in the morning when they feel fit after slept late. Other ponys are forced to perform their runs after work when they are already tired and additionally the sim is not performing very well
  • There is much more room for cheating as over 24h runs are not watched all the time


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