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Enchanting Pony Girls
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EPG Stable Staff


  • Susi Dollinger

Stable Mistress

  • Susi Dollinger
  • Pricilla Slade


  • Pricilla Slade

Stable Ponys

  • Prici (Pricilla Slade)

Event Hosts

We are happy to be supported by a handful of experienced Stable Mistress and Trainers who now and then host Pony Events (competitions) in the name of EPG as EPG Guest Hosts. Many thanks to

  • Ralna Payne
  • Telra Huntress
  • Iren Wyx

Comment to the Stable Staff and Ponys population

You may have realized that EPG is not populated with many staff and ponys. It is not - and never was - the intention of EPG to become a big stable with many trainers and ponys and by no means at all to compete with other stables like FFF or SnR. EPG was founded when Susi and Prici decided to open their private home to the public. Of course - in the meantime - the size of the stables property has increased and  finally ended up in a private region.

Unfortunately both Susi and Prici are quite busy in RL with their jobs. So both have not the time to act as a trainer and care for ponys in the way it should be and ponys deserve.

As Pricilla Slade (pony name Prici) is also a competitive pony (i guess everyone who know here agrees) she spend most of the less time she is able to spend in SL with practising for events (especially for Cup Events - which - at least in her opinion - are still the King of pony events).

So in the past several ponys asked to become an EPG pony,  but Susi or Prici - of course with mixed feelings - suggested the pony to have a try at one at the other stables where many trainers are to care for  and work with the pony.

So this is probably the main reason why the the generous and beautiful stalls in the large EPG barn stays empty.

Of course if there is a pony which does not need or ask for a trainers attention and would just like to find a home at EPG and to fill a stall with life - such a pony would be very welcome. But in any case - from an EPG pony we expect manners and behaviour to a great extent.


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