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Enchanting Pony Girls
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Right at the arrival point there is a Picture Teleporter. Visitors can easily reach sim locations by just clicking on the picture showing the location they like to travel to. If the location is in a certain distance a teleporter beam will surround the visiter. The visitor just clicks the beam and will immediately been teleported to the desired location.

On the left side of the picture teleporter is a special Sim Event Teleporter (look after the red arrow sign). The Event Teleporter beams you to the course where the next event on Enchanting will take place. If no local event is scheduled, the Sim Event Teleporter is inactive.

EPG offers by far the widest number of courses. All these courses are distributed on

The visitors will find a picture teleporter in the middle of each platform.

Exoploring the beautiful island and lovely beaches you will discover

  • A huge barn with a unique indoor arena
inside the barn sleeping in  a rezzer
  • Two indoor steeple
  • Two types of silent dressage fields
  • Two steeple courses
  • A gate slalom course
  • A O-Slalom course
  • Two different classic slalom lanes
  • Four different types of barrel courses
  • A flower dressage field
  • The cross country race track

On the 1000m platform you will find

  • The 40-Jump Steeple
  • The 28-Jump Steeple
  • The 5-Barrel Course
  • The Gate Slalom Course (walk)
  • The Gate Slalom Course (run)
  • An old fashion Slalom Lane (from DWT)
  • An old fashion Slalom Lane (from Allikat Stable)

On the 2000m platform are located

  • The small Cart Track
  • The large Cart Track
  • The Pony Polo Field

The highlights on the 3000 m platform are

  • The Mountain Top Steeple
  • The Hourse Shoe Steeple

On this platform from time to time special courses will be rezzed like the famous Devil's Peak Steeple, the hardest steeple course ever built in SL.


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