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Event: 21   Stable:  EPG

Pony League Event No. 8 @ EPG

Course:  21

Cross Country Carting

Allowed Runs:  15

Date from:  2016-02-15 01:00:00 to: 2016-02-16 01:00:00 (SLT)

Status:  finished

Host:  Ralna Payne


Rank Pony Name Points Time Faults Missed G # Runs #Best Run
1taka Salome116997.930000001513
2Pricilla Slade116798.360001001515
3Lilitha Triellis116798.389999001811
4Telra Resident116698.7300030088
5Ralna Payne116598.9499970086
6Ayesha Askham116598.95999900135
7Kat Stephenson116499.010002001411
8JoanMitchel Resident116499.16000400163
9Jill Freenote116499.220001001511
10Tailmon1 Resident116399.470001001410
11wetjody Resident116299.52999900182
12goldagold Resident116199.97000100163
13nathalbox Resident1160100.0299990096
14Jo Ronin1159100.34999800147
15AshleyK2813 Resident1159100.45999900157
16Liviana Benelli1159100.480003001515
17jojo1973 Resident1155101.4199980043
18Daniella Zenoria1152102.0599980053
19angelwhisper Mistwalker1152102.160004001512
20Chianna Nozaki1146103.59999800164
21DollSarah Resident1138105.669998001812
22Branville Resident1132107.199997001611
23carmenlx Resident1108113.01000200157
24SarahDoll30 Resident1106113.73000300109
25NariaSummerResident Resident1036131.070007001515
26Baroness Capelo0199.00000001611

Recent Runs

97, 98 or 99 faults indicate aborted runs (by system/pony) due to cheat detection (e.g. fly/run) or reset of the timer system

Run # Pony Name Points Time Fault Missed G Date of Run (UTC)
15taka Salome116798.279999002016-02-16 06:10:39
14taka Salome69662.570000882016-02-16 06:08:50
13taka Salome116997.930000002016-02-16 06:05:02
12taka Salome110997.070000112016-02-16 06:02:25
11taka Salome57057.59000010102016-02-16 06:00:33
10taka Salome116898.070000002016-02-16 05:55:43
9taka Salome116997.959999002016-02-16 05:51:22
8taka Salome116898.180000002016-02-16 05:47:03
7taka Salome116898.000000002016-02-16 05:42:37
6taka Salome116898.050003002016-02-16 05:37:36
5taka Salome110797.589996112016-02-16 05:33:17
4taka Salome116499.129997002016-02-16 05:28:35
3taka Salome1149102.910004002016-02-16 05:24:01
2taka Salome1099115.410004002016-02-16 05:19:16
1taka Salome116898.150002002016-02-16 05:10:56

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