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Event: 42   Stable:  EPG

public use / practising

Course:  39

Pentagram Barrel (run), ex PbL*

Allowed Runs:  unlimited

Date from:  0000-00-00 00:00:00 to: 0000-00-00 00:00:00 (SLT)

Status:  finished

Host:  none


Rank Pony Name Points Time Faults Missed G # Runs #Best Run
1jojo1973 Resident118128.7700000011
2debs Bombastic118128.7999990066
3Pricilla Slade118128.8500000054
4Jill Freenote118128.9100000044
4 *Ralna Payne118128.9100000021
6madisonglandale Resident117929.2600000088
7clairamonte Resident117929.3300000084
8Carina Asbrink117829.530001001111
9Ace5762 Resident117829.7099990099
10Liviana Benelli117330.9400010066
11Jayla Fink112229.6000002022
12lakotamiss Resident111046.6699980011
13Sindrey Resident110035.0700002022

Recent Runs

97, 98 or 99 faults indicate aborted runs (by system/pony) due to cheat detection (e.g. fly/run) or reset of the timer system

Run # Pony Name Points Time Fault Missed G Date of Run (UTC)
5Pricilla Slade503148.490005012016-04-10 08:45:43
4Pricilla Slade118128.850000002016-04-10 08:42:35
3Pricilla Slade112528.809999202016-04-10 08:09:48
2Pricilla Slade112528.889999202016-04-10 08:03:55
1Pricilla Slade118029.070000002016-04-10 08:01:28

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