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Event: 51   Stable:  EPG

Pony League Event No. 31 @ EPG - 16-Jump Steeple

Course:  22

16-Jump Steeple

Allowed Runs:  15

Date from:  2016-08-22 01:00:00 to: 2016-08-23 01:00:00 (SLT)

Status:  finished

Host:  Ralna Payne


Rank Pony Name Points Time Faults Missed G # Runs #Best Run
1taka Salome118833.200001001513
2Renztoy Resident118733.299999001613
3Liviana Benelli118633.50999800156
4Ralna Payne118533.869999001510
5Pricilla Slade118434.18999900159
6debs Bombastic118334.290001001615
7nathalbox Resident118234.570000003912
8Telra Huntress117935.310001001111
9Windancer Farslider117835.570000001514
10AshleyK2813 Resident116838.080002001515
11JoanMitchel Resident116838.160000001610
12wetjody Resident116838.230000001511
13trixi Sirnah116738.419998001914
14Ayesha Askham116638.709999002411
15Nico Waxen116139.919998001512
16Cindari Resident116040.02999900158
17MarieCheverle Resident115940.270000001515
18NariaSummerResident Resident115541.36999900152
19Chianna Nozaki114942.8899990094
20karenwrestles Resident113140.410000104112
21yyCloexx Resident113040.500000101411
22HeatherBroadchest Resident113040.63999910208
23Saxonpony Resident112641.520000101513
24Fayth7 Resident112442.000000101614
25Drizipet Resident112242.63999910156
26Harley1Templee2 Resident112242.730000101515
27Mer7Maids8 Resident111344.959999101512
28NylonAlexa Resident109043.669998201511
29Sakuura Zenovka107746.830002201512

Recent Runs

97, 98 or 99 faults indicate aborted runs (by system/pony) due to cheat detection (e.g. fly/run) or reset of the timer system

Run # Pony Name Points Time Fault Missed G Date of Run (UTC)
15taka Salome29225.590000102016-08-23 01:55:44
14taka Salome115833.590000102016-08-23 01:55:07
13taka Salome118833.200001002016-08-23 01:53:23
12taka Salome118833.220001002016-08-23 01:51:47
11taka Salome118733.270000002016-08-23 01:50:57
10taka Salome118733.480000002016-08-23 01:50:16
9taka Salome118633.570000002016-08-23 01:49:20
8taka Salome107634.040001112016-08-23 01:48:41
7taka Salome118733.349998002016-08-23 01:47:50
6taka Salome118633.500000002016-08-23 01:47:01
5taka Salome45224.750000112016-08-23 01:46:10
4taka Salome110633.590000012016-08-23 01:45:09
3taka Salome94733.439999032016-08-23 01:44:13
2taka Salome104135.880001212016-08-23 01:42:06
1taka Salome99733.889999122016-08-23 01:41:24

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