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Event: 73   Stable:  EPG

Pony League Event No. 52 @ EPG - Season Final - Mountain Top

Course:  31

Mountain Top Steeple

Allowed Runs:  10

Date from:  2017-12-11 01:00:00 to: 2017-12-13 01:00:00 (SLT)

Status:  finished

Host:  Ralna Payne


Rank Pony Name Points Time Faults Missed G # Runs #Best Run
1Windancer Farslider1200240.2899930044
2Renztoy Resident1172224.07000710105
3JoanMitchel Resident1172224.80999810109
4Alli Eberdene1172226.53999310107
5Pricilla Slade1172231.86999510126
6Ralna Payne1172234.679993101010
7NariaSummerResident Resident1172236.5299991041
8Liviana Benelli1172239.03999310108
9MarieCheverle Resident1144234.50999520118
10yyCloexx Resident1144239.22000120108
11Nico Waxen1116239.1199953086
12PeachyDoll Resident1088238.6199954066
13deusrenraku Resident1088243.89999440107
14Supperrm Resident1088246.30000340107
15nana247 Resident1060260.04998850109
16JessicaMorningstar Resident1032261.3699956053
17Jinx Meili980245.1199955194
18FluffyTheBimbo Swallowtail976244.0299998042
19Sashnimi Resident931274.3200079077
20Branville Resident905287.8200078032
21Lewelan Finistair892248.4600071101010
22Chloe1982 Constantine868261.23999091104
23Angelus Clawtooth864260.07000712022
24Genara Stromfield830292.709991100107
25Andromeda Lamplight808253.67999314022
26AshleyK2813 Resident808255.38000514011
27Braonan Deir795280.45001213055
28Hunter173 Resident678276.64999412255
29Toren Epin669297.959991150106
30Stormcrow Echegaray655280.41000418011
31Mer7Maids8 Resident599276.48999012355
32Breanna324 Resident502279.52999915322
33Abelinn Resident450338.52999917033
34tibbis Foxclaw341291.76001019311
35josephineCamire Resident69354.89001514511
36Amena89 Resident00.00000098021
36 *tanjadoll Resident00.00000098031

Recent Runs

97, 98 or 99 faults indicate aborted runs (by system/pony) due to cheat detection (e.g. fly/run) or reset of the timer system

Run # Pony Name Points Time Fault Missed G Date of Run (UTC)
5Braonan Deir795280.4500121302017-12-12 20:33:16
4Braonan Deir743287.3099981112017-12-12 20:27:24
3Braonan Deir00.0000009702017-12-12 20:22:27
2Braonan Deir00.0000009802017-12-12 20:18:57
1Braonan Deir583284.3500062002017-12-12 20:17:47

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